Fighting For Our Lives Out of Stock, CrimethInc. Deficit Hits Record High


We’ve nearly run out of copies of the second printing of Fighting For Our Lives, our introduction to passionate anarchism, and can no longer offer them for bulk orders. That makes close to 350,000 of them that have been distributed since the paper was first published in September 2002. We hope to do another printing eventually, but for the time being we are financially crippled to an extent that makes the average North American working family look solvent. We were able to pull off the first printing of Fighting For Our Lives, barely, thanks to the massive donations that many offered to assist with this project, but the donations for this printing have been fewer and much less, and we’re barely able to afford to mail out paid orders at this point. If any of you have the financial means to assist us, so we can keep the greater part of our projects free to the public and donation-based, this is the time to do so. Thanks for all the support we have received over the years. Bulk copies are still available for special events and occasions, if you have a plan cooking, just drop us a line.